Recycling Kickoff

  • Recycling Symbol We are delighted to announce that Monday, January 22nd is the official launch date of our recycling and waste reduction initiative at the Dobbs Ferry High School/Middle School campus. This is an outgrowth of our Springhurst recycling efforts and our goal over time is to move toward zero waste tolerance and a reasonable reduction of our carbon footprint. Moving forward, we will now be sorting food waste in combination with paper, bottles and cans.

    The District is working closely with the Sustainability Project Team from Greenburgh Nature Center to help train our teachers, staff, students, custodians, food service workers and cleaning service to educate them on what it takes to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Approximately 20 teachers from the High School and Middle School have jumped on board and will comprise our newly formed “Green Team” subcommittee to offer important feedback and suggestions.

    I have met with the High School’s Legislative Branch of Student Government and they are enthusiastically spearheading the recycling efforts in their building and have conducted an audit of disposal bins in each classroom and the common areas. They have provided critical ideas for consideration as we began planning for this change. The Middle School’s Ecology Club is also energizing students to BYOB (bring your own bottle) to school instead of plastic throwaway drinks, and to utilize the new water filling stations located throughout the buildings. The District has purchased six additional four-bin recycling units for the Commons and concession stand area, and is purchasing more containers for both campuses to use outside near the fields, gymnasiums, aqueduct stairs, tennis courts, etc.

    This is a tremendous undertaking and we understand that it will be an ongoing process, but we expect to make significant progress in regards to our recycling efforts over the next few months. We have “buy in” from our entire school family and look forward to expanding upon the great success we’ve already had at the Elementary School. In the next two weeks, we will be training our students by grade levels in groups of approximately 100 students. Students in 6th and 7th grade are already familiar with the ins-and-outs of recycling from their previous training at Springhurst with Greenburg Nature Center educators.

    Our schools need to be a place where this life-long expectation is cultivated and reinforced. We ask our parents to support this important initiative as we embrace our responsibilities to leave behind a sustainable planet for the future of our children. Guided by our District Vision - Independent Thinkers Prepared to Change the World – it is no surprise that our students are passionate about sustainability.