• The children are worked in small groups and researched a different type of communities. Then they wrote a shared report on the community they studied. For their presentation, the children are their report on Google Slides. I will be sharing their with reports with you as soon as they are done typing.

Classroom Happenings

  • Reading
    The children are reading chapter books and writing answers to questions. They are learning to go back to the text to find evidence from the text to support their answers.  Our read aloud is a mystery. They are learning that a mystery has five basic but important elements. The five components are; characters, setting, plot, problem and the solution. Good listening skills are needed to listen to for clues in the story and to answer questions about what was read.

    The children are starting to write a "persuasive letter". They are writing a letter to someone in their family, community or someone in Springhurst. They will choose topics based on their own interest. They will choose three meaningful arguments or "reasons" to support position. Look for the letters soon!

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  • Math

    The mathematicians in 2 Gu are working on adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers with renaming.The students are also learning to solve multistep word problems.  We are beginning a unit on measurement.

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  • In Science, the children are studying nutrition. They are learning about the five food groups and why eating healthy is good for their bodies. 

    In Social Studies, they are finishing up their research on the three different types of communities.

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Parent Coordinators

  • Carrie O'Dea 

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  • Mondays -Library
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    Day 6 Technology

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