About Support Services

  • The Springhurst Learning Support Team is a building level resource committed to the development and implementation of an appropriate education for all students.  The Springhurst Learning Support Team is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to supporting the individual academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of our students.  The school offers extensive support services to non classified students; however, some services are available only through the recommendation of the Committee on Special Education.

    Learning Specialists
    Children in need of extra support in academic areas work with our learning specialists. These specialists include:  resource room teachers, Learning Essentials Academic Program (LEAP) teachers, and a reading specialist for the primary grades.  Services are provided to the students in the context of the classroom and/or a small group setting.  These specialists assist the classroom teacher by providing effective classroom strategies and parental support. 

    Speech-Language Pathologists
    Speech-Language Pathologists serve as a school-wide resource to help teachers and parents develop strategies to address the communication needs of the students.  Additionally, speech and language support services are offered to children who have difficulty in speech production and/or receptive and expressive language.

    Occupational Therapists
    Occupational therapy services are provided for children who require intervention to master skills necessary to perform daily tasks within the school environment.  The focus of occupational therapy is to promote skill development and independence.  The occupational therapists also collaborate with teachers and other staff members to modify the classroom and/or adapt learning materials to facilitate successful participation.  

    Physical Therapist
    The goals of Physical Therapy in an educational environment are to address the student’s postural and structural needs in the classroom and to refine coordination and balance to safely negotiate the school building and grounds.  In addition, there is a focus to enhance strength and control to participate with confidence in physical activities.  The physical therapist also works closely with the teachers and other therapy disciplines to assure a positive and integrated approach.  

    Counseling Support Team:  School Psychologists and Social Worker
    The Counseling Support Team is available to facilitate the social/emotional growth and cognitive development of our students.  Their services include counseling, social skills groups, assessment, and behavior modification. Collaboration with teachers, parents, administration, and the learning support team all provide a safe and effective learning environment for our students.  The School Psychologists conduct psychological testing and assessments.  The School Social Worker is a resource for community referrals and information.    Interactive classroom lessons are conducted to teach students social skills and enhance the Responsive Classroom philosophy.