• Introduction to Research Class Page 

    Welcome to the Introduction to Research Class Page. You can click on the menu on the left side of your screen to access any of the sections described below: 

    • A brief introduction + biography of your students teacher, Mr. Connor Cohn

    • Class calendar. The class calendar gives you updates and the dates of on any projects / upcoming assignments students need to complete. It also informs you of the topic of each classes goal for that meeting.
    • Resources. As we build the class we will post videos, link, photos, etc. of all things that relate to the Introduction to Research class and the MYP Personal Project. 

    • Course Materials. All of the course materials will be posted on this site. That way if there is ever confusion or if your student cannot access their Managebac or Google Drive account course materials can be found in one place. 

    • Breaking News. Any important information about the course or Dobbs Ferry High School in general will be on this page.