COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Information

COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Information

We have partnered with the Westchester County Department of Health, Quadrant Biosciences, and SUNY Upstate Medical  University to incorporate their Clarifi COVID-19 testing program.

The Test
The Clarifi COVID-19 test is currently the most sensitive saliva test on the market and has been administered over 2 million times to college and K-12 students in New York State. You will also be pleased to know that the Clarifi COVID-19 test involves a very simple and painless saliva swab that all students can easily self-administer.

The Testing Procedure
Testing will take place weekly at all three of our schools.

To participate in the testing program:

  1. Create student profiles at:
    (Note: You can register multiple student profiles under each account)
  2. Give consent for testing by completing the following Google Form
    Consent for PCR Saliva Testing

  3. Give permission to share COVID-19 testing results by completing the following Google Form
    Authorization to Disclose COVID-19 Test Results

Once all samples have been collected for the day, we will send them off to Quadrant’s lab to be analyzed. Results will be returned within 24-48 hours and will be available for you to view by logging back into