Recycling Center

  • Recycle Sign Guided by our District Vision - IndepeTrash Sign ndent Thinkers Prepared to Change the World – it is no surprise that our students are passionate about sustainability and climate change. 

    In January 2018, we expanded our recycling efforts to the Middle School/High School campus where students and staff now sort food waste in combination with paper, bottles, and cans. As we encounter greater demands for recycling in public places such as restaurants, airports and public buildings to name a few, our schools need to be a place where this life-long expectation is cultivated and reinforced.  We ask our parents to support this important initiative as we embrace our responsibilities to leave behind a sustainable planet for the future. 

    Here are some simple suggestions that YOU can do to aid our efforts to reduce Dobbs Ferry’s carbon footprint, and help students learn how they can positively impact our environment by reducing waste and recycling:

    Paper Sign ❏ Use reusable water bottles (All DFSD schools have water refilling stations). NoRecycle Liquid Sign more plastic water bottles!
    ❏ For students who bring lunch, avoid ziplock bags, plastic wrap and tin foil when sending lunches to school. Invest in reusable snack or lunch containers.
    ❏ Buy BULK snacks instead of single use chip and snack packs.
    ❏ Bring your own shopping bag(s) when you go on an errand or food shopping! 
    *If you do have plastic bags, these can be recycled at Stop and Shop but CANNOT be put into curbside recycling bins!
    ❏ Plastic must have a triangle symbol with #1-7 in order to be recycled.
    ❏ Never use Styrofoam. It takes 500 years to forever to decompose.  

    We are proud to take a leadership role in recycling to make our Dobbs Ferry Schools more environmentally friendly.  All of this work - recycling, composting at Springhurst, and working collaboratively with the Village of Dobbs Ferry and other community organizations -strengthen us in our resolve to help our students as they “change the world.”