About the Science Department

  • The Dobbs Ferry High School Science Department provides inquiry based scientific experiences in each of the disciplines. Each of the courses are modeled after the IB science courses and incorporate critical thinking skills, data analysis, experimental design, and technology and engineering experiences. The department offers courses in earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics as well as elective courses such as Forensic Science, and Natural Disasters and Society. The department also embeds a full lab program in newly renovated lab spaces.


    The department is proud to offer an award-winning Science Research program. 

    The goal of the DFHS Science Research Program is to provide students with the opportunity to conduct authentic and original scientific research as part of their high school experience. The course will require students to commit 2-3 years in conducting original science research. Students from diverse background and ability levels will read scientific journal articles, contact scientists and engage them as mentors, develop hypotheses, collect and analyze data and eventually present their findings. Students present their research to their peers, their school district, and in science research competitions (i.e. Intel Science Talent Search, The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium).

Science Department Staff