Dobbs Ferry High School Alma Mater


    The DFHS Class of 1941 wrote the school's original Alma Mater and 80 years later it still rings true.

    In the midst of nature's garden
    Stands our Alma Mater dear.
    Stately edifice of culture
    And of learning through the years. 

    Past us rolls the mighty river
    Wooded acres on its shores.
    God has formed a perfect background
    For the school that we adore.

    May the Hudson's sparkling waters
    Surging onward to the sea
    Symbolize the depth and passion 
    Of our loyalty to thee. 

    Rugged crags and towering mountains
    In the distance meet the sky.
    We will climb with you to guide us,
    So hail, al hail to Dobbs Ferry High.