Course Selection Timeline

  • High School Course Selection Timeline for 2020 - 2021 School Year

    Early February: 

    Course of Study Guide is posted online. Students and parents review the course catalog and begin a discussion at home regarding future classes.

    February 25th: 


    eSchool Portal is open for students and parents to enter course requests.  Teachers course recommendations are posted on eSchool portal. Students are encouraged to discuss their recommendation with their teachers if they have any questions.

    February 25th-February 27th:

    Counselors visit classes to discuss course selection process with students.

    March 5th: 

    Last day for students and parents to enter or modify course requests on eSchool Portal.

    Beginning March 9th:

    Counselors schedule individual appointments with students to discuss their course selections.  Any instance where students choose academic courses different from their teacher recommendations will be resolved during this meeting.