Student Organizations

  • BIPOC Student Union
    This student group is organized to promote racial justice and equity, as well as engage and elevate BIPOC student voices. The BIPOC Student Union provides a safe space to engage, empower, and promote activism. The BIPOC Student Union aims to work with the District and the community to educate and promote restorative and racial justice, and equity.

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  • Dobbs Ferry High School Racial and Social Justice Club
    The High School Racial and Social Justice Club creates a space for students to have active discussions about the prevailing racism in the community and beyond. This club allows open-minded students to practice the IB learner profile traits, such as principled, communicators, and thinkers. 

    By forming this club, students believe that they can create a more inclusive environment within the school and community. 

    Goals of the club include: 

    • Implement discussions about white privilege and racism in our community.

    • Study reading materials for purposes of education on race and social justice issues

    • Explore the meaning of "whiteness".

    • Education about white privilege.

    • Help our school become more aware of racism outside of the Dobbs Ferry community. 

    • Work with the BIPOC Student Union

    • Discuss how minority groups, such as the LGBTQIA+ community, are oppressed.

    • Learn how to be true allies

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  • Dobbs Ferry Middle School Racial and Social Justice Club
    The Middle School Social Justice Club's goal is to develop a safe space where students can learn to have courageous conversations about their intersectionality of identity and race. This will be a place for students to provide social-emotional peer support as well a place to gain the tools to develop caring relationships for one another in an inclusive and diverse environment. 

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