Overview: Committees of the Dobbs Ferry Board of Education

  • The committees of the Dobbs Ferry Board of Education are established each year and consist of members of the Board, the Superintendent, District administrators, and any staff members and/or members of the community that the Board designates. The committees undertake studies and discuss areas of District business overseen by the Board and report back or make recommendations to the full Board during the Board's business meetings. Committees do not act on behalf of the Board, and the Board is not obligated to follow committee recommendations. Committees typically meet monthly, and minutes of their meetings are posted publicly. 

    As committee meetings are public meetings governed by the Open Meetings Law, the District notifies the public in advance. 

    Members of the public are welcome to attend committee* meetings. If you wish to attend a committee meeting, please contact the Superintendent in advance at slentzk@dfsd.org

    As committee meetings are working meetings, there is generally no opportunity for public comment. Any member of the public who wishes to suggest a subject matter to be added to the agenda of a committee meeting should contact the Superintendent (slentzk@dfsd.org) in advance. The Superintendent will share that information with the relevant committee, which will determine whether the subject matter will be added to the agenda of a future meeting. 

    * Meetings of the Special Education and Personnel Committees must be conducted in executive session as their subject matter contains confidential information; members of the public may not attend these committee meetings.

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