Welcome to the Race & Equity Website

  • Welcome to the Race & Equity Website.

    The work being undertaken by the Dobbs Ferry School District in promoting racial justice and more equitable experiences for all students and members of our school family is a primary goal for our Board of Education. We are proud to be partnering with the NYU Steinhardt Metro Center for Equity and the Transformation of Schools, as we continue to examine these important issues in an effort to make tangible progress. We understand that this is difficult work, but it is community-building, and ultimately discomfort leads to positive growth.


    More than 60 years after Brown vs. Board of Education, the debate continues over the inequality in school systems. In our currently polarized local and national environments it is difficult, but essential, to have desperately-needed critical conversations around race, culture and equity. Through the creation of the District’s Race Matters Committee, we have created a “safe” space for educational stakeholders—students, parents, staff and community members-- to come together to explore implicit/explicit biases, and continue the discussions originally started with the School District’s White Allies Study and Action group and the BIPOC Staff Affinity group.


    The Dobbs Ferry School District’s position is very clear- - we oppose racism, prejudice, intolerance and inequality in all forms, indirect or overt. This website is a place to collect and share meeting updates, resources, materials, timeline/events, news articles, recommendations and action plans for our schools. We will communicate this information with the school community on a regular basis.


    We hope you will join us for the upcoming Board of Education Work Sessions (see dates under committees) around related topics on race and equity. The Work Sessions are open to the public and designed as a learning experience for all participants, and an opportunity to explore challenging conversations together as a school community.

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