Letter from the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction portion of the Dobbs Ferry Union Free School District webpage. Our district is committed to the ongoing development and effective implementation of K-12 curriculum that is rigorous, relevant, robust, and prepares each student for the world of college and careers outside our walls. The ongoing development of our curriculum and examination of our instructional practices is essential to fulfilling this goal.

    Our curriculum is a living document that is constantly being reviewed, assessed and revised to meet the needs of our students, and to reflect changes in student learning standards at the state and national level. To support this effort, over the last several months, our teachers and staff have been involved in numerous professional development opportunities to strengthen their understanding of curriculum design and the newly adopted Common Core State
    Standards. Additionally, the district recently embraced the challenge of mapping our curriculum online using the Atlas Rubicon Online Curriculum Mapping Software. Teachers have been trained in the use of this tool and have begun the process of revising curriculum maps, units of study and course content. Please look for updates in the coming months.

    Our classrooms reflect our teachers’ commitment to providing students with learning experiences that are both challenging and engaging. Our focus is to provide students with learning opportunities that support their development as independent critical thinkers and effective communicators. We value instruction that is student centered, and data informed which capitalizes on student interests. As the world changes, so too must our classrooms. Our teachers work tirelessly to understand and apply the latest research regarding effective instructional practices, including the use of technology, to enhance the learning process.

    You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the information accessible here and urged to check back often as we
    update and expand the resources available to parents and our community.