• The Impact of Middle Years Program At Dobbs Ferry High School

    Dobbs Ferry High School is an authorized IB World School that offers the IB Diploma Programme to all students. The characteristics that are outlined in the IB Learner Profile underpin the philosophy of the school and guide the learning experiences that students receive across the disciplines. A specific focus on the acquisition of critical thinking, reading, and writing skills through the use of student-centered inquiry-based approaches to learning has enabled our school to increase both student participation and performance in the IB Program.

    Over the past two years, the ninth and tenth grade teachers have begun to investigate the Middle Years Programme MYP) as a vehicle for furhide ther preparing more students for the Diploma Programme. The MYP provides teachers with an inter-disciplinary curricular framework that is guided by five Areas of Interaction in an effort to promote international mindedness, creativity, service, and self-direction. The students’ experiences with these areas culminate with the creation of a Personal Project in grades 9-10. This interdisciplinary project encompasses all of the research skills that students will need in order to successfully complete the Extended Essay in grades 11-12. In addition to the curricular benefits, the MYP will provide high school teachers with access to MYP training as well as MYP roundtables. Both are invaluable opportunities for professional development and will help to ensure that our teachers remain on the cutting edge of teaching and learning.

    Lastly, the MYP will help to further bridge the middle and high school and will help to ensure that more students are prepared for the rigors of the IB Diploma Programme. The qualities and skills in the IB Learner Profile are acquired after many years of exploration and preparation. By bringing these principles to grade six, more students will develop these critical attributes so that they can access more IB Diploma courses and/or pursue the full IB Diploma.