Student Registration Overview

  •  Welcome to the Dobbs Ferry School District!

    Registration for the Dobbs Ferry School District is now an online process.
    Please read the following carefully before beginning the registration process.

    If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact our Registrar:

    Mercedez Dominguez at 914-693-1500 ext. 3034 or email

New Student Registration

  • In Order to Register Your Child:

    Click on the Online Registration link here and complete the form.  This starts the registration process for your child.
    (CHROME is the preferred browser for completing this Online Registration)


    • Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email confirmation.

    • Once this email is received, please contact the Registrar to schedule an appointment to submit the registration documentation required (see below).

    • Your registration is not complete, and students cannot be scheduled, until this documentation has been received by the District.

    Required Registration Documents & Forms

     To register a student, the following documents must be presented to the Registrar.

    Proof of Residency

     You are asked to provide the following proofs of residency:

    • ONE of the following pertaining to a home in the District:
      • A Mortgage or Closing Statement
      • Deed
      • A Notarized (by both landlord and lessee) Signed Lease
      • A Notarized Rent Receipt
    • In addition, required in conjunction with the lease when the name on the lease is different from parent name and utilities are included in the rent, or in the absence of a lease:
      • Affidavit of Property Owner/Landlord
    • In addition, copies of any TWO of the following documents must be submitted:
      • Property Tax Bill
      • Telephone Bill
      • Gas & Electric Utility Bill
      • Water Bill
      • Driver's License/Picture ID
      • Oil Company Bill
      • Insurance Bill
      • Bank Statement
      • Voter Registration Card

    Proof of Birth

     To determine the student's age, you are asked to provide ONE of the following:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport

    Proof of Custody

     If you, as a parent or guardian, are separated, divorced, or have custody as the result of a court order agreement, a fully-executed copy of the court order or agreement must be submitted. Please provide ONE of the following:

    • Court-issued Legal Guardianship Papers
    • Court Order granting custody
    • Court Appointment as Foster Parent
    • Affidavits from parent surrendering control and person assuming responsibility for student

    Parent's Statement


    Academic Transcript/Record of Grades Release Form

    Complete the applicable Records Release Authorization Form for each previous school your child attended:

    Acceptable Use Policy for Internet Access

    •  ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY - Please review the policy with your child, and return the last page signed by both the parent/guardian and student.




    Home Language Questionnaire (HLQ)


    Other Forms - if applicable

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