Dear K-D family,

    We had a busy week. On Monday we had the day off for Veteran’s Day.  K-D read all about celebrating our armed forces last Friday. Several students wrote beautiful thank you letters and we attended a school-wide assembly on Wednesday morning. In this assembly we met many local veterans, listened to their stories and had the opportunity to show our gratitude in person. It was beautiful!

    In Fundations we learned the letters “e” and “r”.  We spent most of the week practicing the correct formation of ALL of the letters we learned thus far. It can be tedious, but it is important.

    In Math we continue to work with the numbers 0-10. We are exploring ways to make sets of each number and ways to write each number correctly.

    Our emergent readers Edwina the Emu and Edward the Emu are helping us learn how to be more active readers through making notices, wonderings and connections to the text we are reading.  We will continue with both texts for another week.

    Writing is focusing on list making. We added two books to our “stack” of examples of this craft and we began making a few simple lists of our own.

    Science focused on weather as we track the weather each day and spoke about severe weather.

    Social Studies began to talk about empathy and the holidays as we finished our discussion of rules and safety.

    Please sign up for our Thanksgiving Feast (11/26) or check what you already volunteered to send in, on the Googledoc ! More information is arriving for you in your child’s folder.

    Be well,

    Doug & Noreen