• Dear K-D family,

    I hope everyone enjoyed having an extra day off this week. It was nice to sleep in a bit on Monday and to take the day slowly.

    This week we worked extra hard to make up for the day off.

    In Fundations we learned how to form the uppercase letters A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H. We also continued to practice tapping out short words.

    In Math we started working on patterns. We studied AB, ABC and ABBA  patterns by shape, color and size.

    Push and pull continued to be our focus for Science. We played a fun Push/Pull game and recorded our results.

    We celebrated the Lunar New Year on Friday. We read D is for Dragon and practiced our word attack skills of “Eagle Eye”, “Lips the Fish” and “Stretchy Snake” on unknown words. We made lanterns and shouted “Gong Xi Fa Cai!”

    We wrote about our weekends and we wrote thank you letter to Aunt Deb. Aunt Deb came to visit us via Skype, to talk about what it is like to live in a wheelchair. This was part of our Building Bridges program.

    Enjoy the mild weather,

    Dr. D