Dear K-D family,

    I am posting this update today, Thursday, because I am not sure what the weather will be like tomorrow and I did not post last week because of illness.

    The flu officially entered our classroom this week. Please be sure to keep washing your hands and checking your child for any symptoms. Mrs. Drake sent home a great email detailing symptoms and appropriate actions for your child’s care and the care of the other children.

    This was a VERY busy week as we learned the uppercase letters A-H and continued to tap out short consonant-vowel-consonant words.

    In Math we wrapped up patterns and began to compare sets with the language “more the, less than or equal to.”

    Science was all about forces as we continued to observe pushes and pulls. We learned about magnitude, direction and distance in relation to forces.

    We wrote about our weekend activities and paid special attention to using uppercase letters at the beginning of the sentences and proper punctuation at the end.

    Guided reading groups continued as did independent reading and activities for learning sight words.

    We continued to learn about empathy and compassion as we completed several activities form our Second Step program.

    I hope everyone stays well and safe,

    Dr. D