• Welcome to Technology


    At Springhurst the technology lab serve as extensions of the classroom, providing lessons, services, materials, and facilities which support and enhance the curriculum while enabling students to develop into independent learners.

    Students in Kindergarten through third grade visit the lab on a weekly basis. The computer curriculum in the primary grades teaches children to learn the characteristics and uses of a computer system. Students begin identifying computer hardware and functions, learning proper keyboarding, and developing a familiarity with the distinctions between computer software programs. The Springhurst technology curriculum is based upon the McREL and the ISTE National Education Standards and Benchmarks.

    Having established this basic knowledge in the early grades, students in the fourth and fifth grades have opportunities to work with all kinds of information, whether that information is in the library media center, in the computer lab, or in the classroom. This is due to greater curriculum demands for research and information retrieval. A collaborative effort between the library media specialist, computer teacher, and classroom teachers supports this effort, helping students achieve information skills such as locating, selecting, analyzing, evaluating, and utilizing information, and communicating knowledge.

    To achieve this effective teaching partnership, fourth and fifth grade students will alternate visits between the library and computer lab. Students in these grades are moving from learning facts and skills to learning in an environment that encourages active involvement with information literacy throughout the curriculum.

Weekly Class Schedule

  • Day 1
    5th Grade- LaPorte
    1st Grade- Fucci
    3rd Grade- Meyer
    Kindergarten- Zarro
    2nd Grade- Ryan
    4th Grade- Mair

    Day 2
    5th Grade- Guilano
    1st Grade- Todd
    3rd Grade- Watson
    Kindergarten- DiStefano
    2nd Grade- Cornell
    4th Grade- Ferri

    Day 3
    5th Grade- Duane
    1st Grade- Mayfield
    3rd Grade- Corbin
    Kindergarten- Arnowitz
    2nd Grade- Mullen
    4th Grade- Foresti

    Day 4
    5th Grade- Misrok
    1st Grade- Burmester
    3rd Grade- Metrano
    Kindergarten- Bochoccio
    2nd Grade- Cicero
    4th Grade- Schacher

    Day 5
    5th Grade- 
    SPC Class- Burke/Mandel
    3rd Grade- OToole
    Kindergarten- Tuman
    2nd Grade- Colsey
    4th Grade- Guiliano

     Day 6
    5th Grade- Ferreira
    1st Grade- Pinkava
    3rd Grade- Watson
    Kindergarten- Duane
    2nd Grade- Sullivan
    3rd Grade- Meyer