• The Springhurst Elementary School Visual Arts Program (Grades K-5) focuses on the understanding of the Elements of Art. Students explore expressing their ideas in both 2D and 3D forms. Students work on developing an artist vocabulary and techniques as they create works based on Master Artists and  Art Movements.

    The art program at Springhurst is a vital part of the school curriculum and community. The interdisciplinary approach provides an enriched learning environment, which reinforces classroom learning in a K through 5th grade setting. It enables students to develop a focused, planned sequence in the process of creativity.

    Students are given the opportunity to take risks and experiment with a variety of hands-on techniques. These techniques include drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, collage and papier-mâché. At all levels, the children embark on an in-depth study of at least one famous artist every year. Lessons are based on the New York State Learning Standards. The focus is creating and participating in the arts. Students get to know and use art materials and resources.

    Students learn to respond and to analyze various works of art; they develop critical thinking skills. Understanding the cultural contributions of the arts is also an important part of the art curriculum and how art shapes diverse cultures of our world, past and present.

    The art environment is a vital element of Springhurst and its students, apparent the moment you walk through the door. Through the Springhurst art program students discover themselves in ways that are not always available in other subject areas. Art affects every pupil and allows them a positive growth experience, giving every child the opportunity to shine.

Art Teachers

Last Name First Name Email Voicemail Extension Teacher
Guagenti Wendy 4506 Art
Thyrre Stephanie 1552 Art