Springhurst Choice Boards Summer Activities


    In order to continue the learning over the summer, K-8 Literacy Coordinator Michelle Yang-Kaczmarek and K-8 Math Specialist Josh Rosen have developed a collection of resources in both ELA and Mathematics for all Springhurst students.   Each grade level will have a Choice Board, which is essentially a grid with a range of activities that give students the opportunity to choose the activity they would like to do and to learn in a variety of ways.    The Choice Boards will represent content and strategies from the whole school year, and is designed to be self-paced.  We recommend beginning to work on the choice board that corresponds to the child’s grade just completed.   Furthermore, the activities will be fun, authentic and engaging for the students!  

    In addition to the choice boards for Mathematics, parents will have the opportunity to enroll in an online course for all Springhurst students entering Grades 2-6.    The course is called Table Talk Math, and has been developed by top-notch math educators throughout the US.  Each grade level course consists of 12 lessons, each of which has a video lesson and an activity to complete.   The lessons are fun, and focus on key math concepts in each grade level.  Here is a link to a video Mr. Rosen created to help guide families on how to enroll, as well as the direct link to enroll in the course for each grade level:

    Video: Instructions to Help             Enroll in Course                 Table Talk Math Flyer

    The course is completely free of charge, but when enrolling you must be sure to enter the code SPRING22.   As an additional resource, Mr. Rosen has created a website with many links to videos, web links, and games for families.   Mr. R's Math website