District Administration Contact Information

Name Title Email Address Phone
Ken Slentz Superintendent slentzk@dfsd.org 914-693-1506
Ron Clamser Assistant Superintendent of Finance, Facilities & Operations clamserr@dfsd.org 914-693-1500 x3030
Darrell Stinchcomb Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Equity stinchcombd@dfsd.org 914-693-1500 x3059
Jean Gismervik Director of Special Education gismervikj@dfsd.org 914-693-1503 x1479
Terance Huyter Director of Technology huytert@dfsd.org 914-693-1500 x3065

Springhurst Elementary School

Name Title Email Address Phone
Julia Drake Springhurst Principal drakej@dfsd.org 914-693-1503
Leah Grabelsky Springhurst Assistant Principal grabelskyl@dfsd.org 914-693-1503

Middle School

Name Title Email Address Phone
Patrick Mussolini Middle School Principal mussolinip@dfsd.org 914-693-7640
Anne Pecunia Middle School Assistant Principal pecuniaa@dfsd.org 914-693-7640

High School

Name Title Email Address Phone
John Falino High School Principal falinoj@dfsd.org 914-693-7645
Candace Reim High School Assistant Principal reimc@dfsd.org 914-693-7645