About Physical Education

  • Physical education is a vital part of the general educational program that contributes, primarily through movement experiences, to the total growth and development of all children. Physical education teaches children principles of human wellness. The concept of human wellness is broader than the concept of good health, and relates to developing a total life-style that promotes well being.

    Physical education is an important and integral part of the total education program at Springhurst. The Springhurst Physical Education program incorporates the New York State Physical Education Learning Standards. Play through both individual and group activities is viewed as an important part of the educational process.

    Life-long fitness and "working out" is an essential part of the Physical Education program as we believe a physically fit child will learn more about themselves and others, perform better academically, and have the confidence to take positive risks. Most importantly, the children will grow into a more self-assured, sensitive and caring adult.

    The Springhurst Physical Education program helps develop the child socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. The curriculum is developmental in nature.

    • Kindergarten 

    Students in kindergarten have physical education three times a week. A great amount of emphasis is placed on the development of the basic locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills. Attention is given to laterality, directionality, balance, and coordination. All of these areas provide the foundation for the important play skills necessary for more complex movements in the later grades. Rhythms are introduced during ball and parachute activities. 

    • Grades 1-2 

    First and second grade students attend physical education classes twice a week. Their programs build on the basic fundamental movement skills learned at the kindergarten level. At this age, relay races, introductory sport skills, simple games, health fitness components and gymnastics are introduced. 

    • Grades 3-5 

    Third, fourth, and fifth grade students receive physical education twice a week. Their program emphasizes the further development of sport skills, with special attention to lead-up games. The health fitness components addressed are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.


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Physical Education Teachers

Last Name First Name Email Voicemail Extension Teacher
Briscoe Denise briscoed@dfsd.org 1484 Physical Education
Garofalo Vincent garfalov@dfsd.org 1484 Physical Education
Pecora Stephanie pecoras@dfsd.org 1425 Physical Education