Welcome Back to School Overview

  • School Opens Tuesday September 5, 2023

    Our entire Springhurst summer mailing continues to be shared digitally. Click the links on the left to view the information.  The links included are connections to two important portals: eSchoolData Parent Portal which allows you to gain access to class assignments, and the Ardsley Transportation Portal which provides you with your child's bus assignment details  To access these portals, you will need your child's full Student ID Number. 

    Student ID Number (This is the same number that your child uses to purchase school lunch)

    • If your child's ID number begins with a 7, include 4 zeros in front of your child's ID number when signing up
    • If your child's ID number begins with a 1, do not add any preceding zeros when signing up 
    • For the transportation portal only, you must add DF- in front of your child's ID number. (Full instructions and additional transportation information may be found on our website's bus transportation page.)

    Class Assignments will be available on the eSchoolData Parent Portal in, August, 2023.  A SchoolMessenger email will be sent to notify you. 

    Please note the due dates for the following forms that can be accessed by clicking on the links on the left: 

    • Due by September 15, 2023
      • Consent to Release Personally Identifiable Student Information

    • Due by the Start of School
      • Medical Forms: Click on the link on the left for required medical forms
        • Students New to the District
        • Students Entering Grades K, 1, 3, and 5
        • Authorization for the Administration of Medication in School (if applicable)
        • Completed School Dismissal Manager for Each Student Enrolled

    School Dismissal Manager

    • We will utilize a School Dismissal Manager QR code to help streamline our dismissal process. You will need to download the School Dismissal Manager App in order to facilitate your self-check-in upon arrival to our campus at dismissal time.  Download the app here: https://www.schooldismissalmanager.com/ (please scroll down for “SDM Apps for Apple and Android.”) IMPORTANT: Returning parents need to UNINSTALL last year’s App before installing the new App.